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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bradley & the Elite 900 PTS-600 REB-240 BLK Club

An innocent NBA player's reputation has been murdered.

You are a detective with the CSI:NBA squad and need to solve the crime. The only clue you have is a set of cryptic numbers: 900-600-240.

900-600-240.  900-600-240.

The numbers plague you, haunting your dreams. You scour basketball-reference looking for the meaning behind the digits. Then, one day, your investigation hits pay dirt. You break the case wide open.

The NBA player with the murdered reputation is Shawn Bradley.

The 900-600-240 represent the total points, rebounds, and blocks he posted in 1995-96 and 1996-97, making him one of just seven players in NBA history to surpass 900-600-240 more than once in his career.

Your investigation proves once and for all that Shawn Bradley Was Good!

The 900 Points - 600 Rebounds - 240 Blocks Club

Blocks became an official statistic in the 1973-74 season. Since then only a small number of players have posted 900+ points, 600+ rebounds, and 240+ blocks in multiple seasons:

1. David Robinson (7 times)
2. Hakeem Olajuwom (7 times)
3. Dikembe Mutombo (6 times)
4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5 times)
5. Patrick Ewing (5 times)
6. Alonzo Mourning (2 times)
7. Shawn Bradley (2 times)

That's it. The list of players with multiple 900-600-240 seasons consists of Shawn Bradley and a group of current and future Hall of Famers.

Shut Out of the 900-600-240 Club

It's interesting to see who didn't (or hasn't) enter the multiple 900-600-240 club. 

Shaquille O'Neal did it once in 1992-93, which was the only season he exceeded 240 blocks in his career.

Shockingly, Dwight Howard has never totaled 240 blocks in a single season in his nine-year career. Tim Duncan has never blocked 240 shots in his 16 years in the NBA.

Swatting 240 shots in a single season is a big deal. Bradley accomplished the feat three times, the final season being 1996-97. Since then only six players have blocked 240+ shots in a season: Mutombo (three times), Theo Ratliff (three), Ben Wallace (twice), Serge Ibaka (twice), Marcus Camby (once), and Mourning (once).

Coupling blocks with points and rebounds illustrates Bradley's versatility.

Ben Wallace could block shots and rebound, but he couldn't score, topping out at just 773 points in 2003-04.

Marcus Camby was a solid scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker, but he couldn't stay healthy enough to ever surpass the 900-600-240 threshold. Camby scored over 900 points just once - as a rookie - and blocked more than 240 shots just once as well. 

Theo Ratliff led the NBA in blocks per game three times in his 16-year career, but never came close to scoring 900 points in a season. He also exceeded 600 rebounds only two times in his career.

900 + 600 + 240 = GOOD!

As your CSI:NBA investigation revealed, it takes a solid player to register 900 points, 600 rebounds, and 240 blocks in a single season.

It takes a special player to do it more than once.

Shawn Bradley is one of only seven players to join the 900-600-240 club on multiple occasions. As your investigation comes to a close, the evidence points to just one logical conclusion:

Shawn Bradley Was Good!

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