Our Mission: We will redeem Shawn Bradley's legacy by proving to the world he was a GOOD NBA Center, not an all-time bust.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bradley is Most Efficient Shot Blocker in NBA History!

Let's get right to the point:

Shawn Bradley is the most efficient shot blocker in NBA history!

The advanced metric of Block Percentage estimates the percentage of opponent two-point field goal attempts blocked by a player while he was on the floor. Shawn Bradley has the highest Block Percentage in NBA History.

All-Time NBA Block % Leaders (as of 10/24/2013)
1. Shawn Bradley - 7.83%
2. Theo Ratliff - 7.19%
3. Mark Eaton - 6.92%
4. Alonzo Mourning - 6.57%
5. Dikembe Mutombo - 6.28%

In other words, no player in NBA history blocked more shots while he was on the floor than Shawn Bradley.

Bradley is to shot blocking what Michael Jordan is to scoring (highest points per 36 minutes), Dennis Rodman is to rebounding (highest Rebound %), and John Stockton is to assists (highest Assists %).

Jordan. Rodman. Stockton. Shawn Bradley!

No player in NBA history protected the rim more effectively than the former BYU big man. Nobody. Ever!

Our mission here is to prove that Shawn Bradley Was Good! When looking at his career as a whole, this statement is 100% accurate. But when it comes to Bradley's shot blocking, it grossly understates just how dominant he was.

Forget about Bradley being good.

When it came to blocking shots, Shawn Bradley was the greatest of all time.

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